Our collaborative journey to improve patient safety

Our work sparked a global movement to make surgery transparent, explainable, predictable, and ultrasafe.

“Unlike ‘black boxes’ in transportation, It will not be used to assign blame… Its use is to improve systems, not to punish individuals”

- CBSNewYork.com

“Hospitals can analyze the data or use it as a teaching tool. … In a surgical theatre that still relies on paper checklists, the OR Black Box is a huge step forward.”

- TIMES.com

“This is the dream of the surgical ‘Black Box.’ Operations could become flawless. Post-operative complications could be significantly reduced. Surgeons could review the footage to improve their technique and prep for the next big case.”


Safety Culture & Compliance

Measure compliance to key safety protocols such as specimen tracking or performance of the surgical safety checklist.

Improve organizational culture with de-identified precise analytics that do not pinpoint any specific individual or team, enabling prospective reflection of performance previously not possible.

Reduce complications and costs with continuous monitoring of the Surgery Safety Checklist, by the World Health Organization, across all checklist phases and all checklist items.

Culture and Compliance Graph
Culture and Compliance Graph

Efficiency & Costs

Decrease variable costs with clinically meaningful resource consumption insights including human resources, equipment usage, procedure delays and incident tracking.

Reduce turnover time and increase operating room block utilization with 24/7 continuous monitoring and drill-down precise insights that uncover the real barriers to high efficiency.

Quality and Patient Safety

Aggregate, de-identified performance analytics to create psychologically safe training and education that result in sustainable high-performance teams.

Our proprietary Case Discovery analytics and Enhanced M&M reports provide anonymized, structured, objective feedback for all members of multidisciplinary teams.

Culture and Compliance Graph
Culture and Compliance Graph


Explainable AI algorithms empower surgeons with an objective assessment of technical and non-technical proficiency using academically validated frameworks.

Benchmark performance, identify outliers, and facilitate modern educational practices. Our technology replaces the manual, unreliable evaluation with objective, meaningful and actionable assessment that promotes constructive feedback, coaching and competency-based education.

Culture and Compliance Graph

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