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Our mission

Make Healthcare Safer

Our actionable insights

protect hospital staff
and patients

from risks during a pandemic

Our cutting-edge deep learning technology provides

Accurate, actionable
insights in real time

Our exclusive data equips

AI Algorithms with
Unique Functionalities

that would otherwise be impossible

Professional athletes, airlines, oil, and nuclear industries

all use data to
continuously improve.

Why not hospitals?

What do we do?

Diagram with three steps: Sensorization of the hospital environment, analytics, and actionable insights

While others start with data and then look for questions, we have spent the last 20 years starting with questions, and identifying the data necessary to answer them. We then use clinically trained deep learning systems to perform advanced analytics on the data, to provide focused insights that improve healthcare.

What do we improve?

Illustration of a surgery
Perioperative Quality
& Patient Safety

Our insights related to safety threats, resilience supports and compliance provide actionable information to implement sustainable improvement initiatives.

Illustration of a control panel

We enable health systems to promote positive organizational culture with comprehensive, real-time analysis of system factors within the perioperative space.

Illustration of a dashboard in an computer
Health System Costs
& Efficiency

We measure key performance indicators based on operating room efficiency, procurement of medical technology, and procedure variability.

About us

photo of Dr. Grantcharov in surgery

Surgical Safety Technologies is creating a world in which surgery is delivered in the safest manner possible.

Built by clinicians for clinicians and based on 20+ years of high-quality academic research in the fields of surgical safety, clinical outcomes, and medical education.