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De-identified by design

Personal information is identified and removed,
while retaining clinically relevant information.

Innovation with the highest levels of compliance

Our platform meets the top industry standards in both cybersecurity and patient data management.

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Enterprise Platform

Any OR, any surgical specialty

The most validated quality improvement system in surgery

Unbiased by narrow corporate interests

Designed by clinicians for clinicians

Adopted by the most prominent healthcare institutions in North America and Europe

The OR Black Box® empowers healthcare organizations with the analytics necessary for continuous quality improvement and value-based care. Our insights related to safety threats, resilience supports, efficiency, culture and compliance provide actionable information to implement sustainable improvement initiatives. A versatile platform that can be shaped to any operating room and hospital needs.

The Trauma Black Box® is a platform for continuous review and improvement of quality and safety. The system provides a dynamic dashboard of the type and severity of the traumas managed at the institution and actionable Insights into key safety metrics such as time in the trauma room, time to transfusion, and the rate of life saving interventions performed.

The Black Box Explorer™ is the first step to bring objective and scalable assessment that will power modern competency-based education and continuous professional development through intuitive and user-friendly design. Using validated, AI-powered assessment tools, surgeons can monitor their performance against established global benchmarks to improve their performance.

The Sim Black Box™ provides a vital connection between the high-stakes clinical environment and the simulation lab. The analytics power the assessment and training of learners at all levels, with the unprecedented opportunity to immediately assess the impact of multi-disciplinary training interventions in the real clinical space. Unlock insights into team dynamics, human factors, and technical proficiency.

Powered by Clinically Trained, Explainable AI

Culture and Compliance Graph

Evidence-based, objective, thoroughly validated assessment of performance

Using computer vision to quantify motion, instrument use patterns, and intraoperative safety.

Recognition of adverse events

Proprietary neural network technology identifies adverse events, such as bleeding and tissue injuries.

Culture and Compliance Graph
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